Frequently Asked Questions


Why the same knife for all?

Coutanque's knife is unique to guarantee a perfect equity between the players during a match with friends or at international competitions.


Why a end grain target?

End grain targets are more permissive and makes it more fun.


Why is it fun?

It's fun because it is a game that is played with many and it brings a lot of emotions with intense parts even for beginners.

Each rounds in Coutanque is unique because we never find the same arrangements of knives on the target.

It's a skill game accessible to everyone.

It is a game that presents no risk apart from having fun and meeting with players from all walks of life.


Why do we have to throw from below?

This ensures that the knives are not sunk into the wood and that they can be pulled. This is all the interest of this skill game where you have the choice to place or shoot and sometimes both in  the same time. It's also an original and fun way to throw knives.


Why a throwing line with a length of 5 meters?

This allows you to shift to reach the nail hidden by other knives and vary the throwing distances: the center of the launching line is 3 meters from the nail and its end is 4 meters from it.


What are the dangers of this game?

This game is not dangerous because the knives are not sharp and thrown from below. The target on the ground avoids the risk of rebounds but we must be careful not to throw if players are in front of course. A strong addiction is the main danger of playing this game and the WCA often makes prevention campaigns about it.


How to register for the WCA?

You can register easily either by post or by internet. To do this, simply fill in the registration form and pay your membership.


Why register for WCA?

To participate or organize competitions near your home or on the other side of the world.

To be assured in your practice at competitions all over the planet.

To be part of the community and share this sport with as many people as possible.


How to buy my Coutanque knives or a target?

           The WCA has an approved manufacturer: Throwing Zone which provides all

accessories of Coutanque. Targets can be a simple log round as on this link or manufactured by your care as described on this link


Why light knives?

A heavy knife sinks too deep into the wood, so Coutanque's knives have a weight that makes it easier to pull a stuck knife.



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